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Scandal (2012)

Drama |  | 
IMDB Rayting:   7.9/10
Country: USA
Language: English

Olivia has left her role as White House Communications Director for the President to start her own crisis management firm. She is a professional 'fixer' who makes problems go away before anyone even knows they exist.

Stars: Kerry Washington, Darby Stanchfield and Jeff Perry

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May 18, 2017Episode 15 Tick Tock
May 04, 2017Episode 13 The Box
April 27, 2017Episode 12 Mercy
April 20, 2017Episode 11 Trojan Horse
April 13, 2017Episode 10 The Decision
March 16, 2017Episode 6 Extinction
February 16, 2017Episode 4 The Belt
February 02, 2017Episode 2 Hardball

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A fixer who works unofficially for watch series, can 'fix' anything from kidnappings to elections. Interesting idea, certainly. But what this sequence is actually this: fifty percent cooked characters and situations, characters looking to act amazing (and as a result making a mockery than it all) by putting together collections like 'we are fixers, our company is fixing! If she is a Goddess, ' every now and then, and every character worshiping the lead lady Olivia Pope as. Very seriously, it happens to be a humorous greater than a drama. America leader is displayed to be a weeping youngster who becomes emotional and tearful with the drop of any hat! If a man is behaving like a 17 year old kid crying over his break-up; either there is something wrong with the man or the writer or both, at the age of 50. Kerry Washington fails to look like an porn - not actually for a second! She seems a mirror image of the weepy director: getting psychological each now and then and looking more like a watch movies online when compared to a tigress how the figure should certainly be. You do not need to move several website to search Movies servers : pornhub, IMDB, Wikipedia, xnxx and xvideos.